St. Brendan, Kitete, Tanzania  &  St. Gabriel, Milford, CT
Together as Sister Parishes
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How Historic Joining Happened
     In the year 2000, the Congregation of Holy Cross took pastoral responsibility for St. Brendan parish Kitete, Tanzania at the invitation of Bishop Thaddaeus Ruwa'chi, OFM Cap of the Mbulu Diocese, Tanzania. 
      After a few months a killing drought struck the entire area.  People and animals suffered terribly.  Many deaths occurred. When our pastoral associate, Br. Larry Lussier, CSC received a letter from his superiors detailing the dire events in Kitete, he brought the situation to the attention of St. Gabriel's Pastoral Council.  
      St. Gabriel pastor, Rev. Maurice Maroney and the Pastoral Council rallied the parishioners who raised funds to help parishioners hire lorries (trucks) to go south where the drought had not hit to buy rice, beans, potatoes and bottled water to distribute to St. Brendan's families.  
      St. Gabriel learned so much from this experience as a parish community about the needs of this rural parish, that we decided to investigate how to become a "sister parish."  Br. Larry Lussier, CSC took responsibility to initiate an official relationship with the Congregation of Holy Cross and Pastoral Councils of St. Brendan and St. Gabriel.
Official letters were signed by representatives of the Congregation of Holy cross as well as by both parishes to establish a "sister parish relationship."            As time went on, the two parishes discovered that sharing prayer, friendship and knowledge about one another brought the parishes together in unexpected and transforming ways. 

             SWAHILI                                               ENGLISH
Two Peoples from Two Separate Continents Join Hearts and Hands!


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