St Brendan Church, Kitete, Tanzania
Choirs greet visitors with color and charm.
Students of the Agro-Technical School have designed gardens to express appreciation to the Veldman family of Indiana who are primarily responsible for the school's existence.
Staff and graduating students of  the Audrey Veldman Technical School

Founded in 1964 by the Pallatine Fathers of Ireland, it was named after the Irish Saint, St. Brendan the Navigator.  Later it was administered by diocesan priests of the Mbulu Diocese.  In the year 2000 the Congregation of Holy Cross assumed pastoral responsibility to staff the parish.  Rev. George Muganyizi, CSC was first pastor from 2000-2004.  He was followed by Rev. Aristides Massawe, CSC from 2005-2007; then pastor Rev. Comfort Agele, CSC assisted by Rev. David Eliaona, CSC and Rev. Cyprian Binaka, CSC from 2007-2012.  On July 1, 2012 Rev. Prosper Tesha, CSC was appointed the new pastor by Rev. Patrick Neary, CSC East Africa's District Superior of the Congregation of Holy Cross.  

​      The parish is situated on hills which front on the Ngorongoro Forest on the west edge of the great East Africa Rift Valley.  It overlooks Lake Manyara Plains 1000 feet below.  The parish is 18 kilometers off the main road  to the Ngorongoro Crater just after Mto wmbu wa Mbu escarpment.

​     St. Brendan is a rural parish comprised of the original church and 11 sub-churches of which four (4) have a permanent structure; seven (7) are in temporary mud structures .

    The population is made up of two ethnic tribal groups - Wairaqw and Masai.  The Wairaqw are subsistence farmers ie. they cultivate enough to eat for their families while the extra is sold. They also keep few animals - goats, chicken, cows

     The Masai are pastoralists who herd cows.  While the Wairaqw live in semi permanent thatched huts. Although the Masai are traditionally nomads - moving from place to place always looking for fresh pasturage for their cows, they do maintain villages to which they returne very now and then. 

     The average family income is $250 for per year.  

     The Catholic population is about 19,650 families with about 6 persons per family.

Mansweat Masinda, parishioner of St. Brendan,
who taught at the Audrey Veldman Technical School until 2005 when he left for further studies.  He earned a Bachelor's degree in  October 2009 from the University at Inga, Tanzania.
Left forward - farm lad from area, Dan Marecki, Elu Alphonce, Jane Holler, Emanuel Cosmas, and unknwon farm lad.
Left back Rupi Malkiori, friend, Antipas on top of parish tractor in front of Parish House.

View from parking lot at the Parish House!
St Brendan's Faith Community singing, dancing enthusiasitcally at the Entrance Procession.
Mansweat's home - typical of parishioners.
Check out youtube video of St Brendan the Navigator, the saint after whom St. Brendan, Kitete Parish was named.

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