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Fundraiser - "Help Finish  the Rebuilding of  St. Brendan Church, Kitete, Tanzania."    

St. Brendan parish church is building a new church. A new roof for the new church is needed and it needs funds to complete the construction. 
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Your help is needed today. Partners are being sought to help reach $45,000, the estimated total expense for the roof.

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Fundraiser is in full swing as March 9th, 2014. 

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When in July 2012 Fr. Prosper arrived, he and his staff and the parish council had to face the fact of a deteriorating church building.  A new roof was needed but architects found that the walls were weak and that the single beam holding the roof would not hold a new roof.  There were no supporting interior beams.  The conclusion was that a new building was needed. 

Plans had to be made to accommodate and serve the more than 1,500 people who attend church and their ministries.  See the design at the right.  
The old church will be demolished in July 2013; the new church will be constructed on the same site.  The new church will be designated as the main church for St. Brendan and acts as hub for its 12 sub-churches.  Therefore it needs to accommodate parish staff, worshipers and the many ministries that serve the parishioners and the mission of the church.

The new church building will have sacred worship space with a new altar and ambos (reading stands), new pews, as well as baptistry and sacristy.  The structure will have three verandas:  two to accommodate 50 people and a third to accommodate 80 people for gatherings, meetings, educational purposes. There will also be a large hall for receptions and conferences.   There will be room for parish offices.

St. Brendan is an active community with a vibrant education and evangelization ministry.  Each year they baptize, confirm, marry hundreds of parishioners.  

The cost of the new construction in US dollars is $250,000.  The roof is $45,000.  Help is needed.

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Brief Video of Audrey Veldman 10th Anniversary Celebration

The Audrey Veldman School is on the campus and is a ministry of the parish.
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Architectural Plans for the new St. Brendan Church complex
The Glory of God in the framework of St. Brendan Church sits upon a knoll for all to admire.
Preparations for the 50th Jubilee Celebration and a blessing of the new church began on October 23, 2014. Happy and proud parishioners carry chairs for clerical and secular visitors to witness the ceremony by the Bishop of the Mbulu Diocese.
October 23, 2014

Fr. Prosper Tesha records events as follows:  

The Jubilee celebration was beautiful and colorful.  Beginning on October 23, some 80 visitors from Holy Cross Parish, Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya arrived in the evening when we had supper and a social together.  They were so happy to see our parish and especially the new church.  Among the 80 were Holy Cross Priests, Brothers and Seminarians. Among the Holy Cross personnel were Fr. Patrick Neary CSC, District of East Africa Superior, Fr. Comfort Agele, Fr. Andrew Massawe both once assigned at St. Brendan's, the new pastor Fr. Changwe Constantine, Fr. Christopher Letichrich, Fr. Agapitus Mugabane.  It was an evening that brought us together and we shared our good time together as the family of God.

The following day we started our Jubilee day of celebrations with Holy Mass presided over by Rt. Rev. Bishop Beatus Kinyaiya, Bishop of Mbulu Diocese.  The singing of St. Brendan's Parish choir was joined by the Dandora parish choir.  Many religious guests were in attendance as well as over 4,000 parishioners.

As usual cows, goats and chickens were slaughtered to feed all these guests.  Everyone enjoyed the meals and were satisfied.  This was followed by entertainment which concluded our day.  

The focus of the day was the new church.  The photos tell that we could not finish everything that we wanted toa ccomplish for this day.  I was grateful that the new roof was on and the interior was plastered and windows were most areas were installed.  The big task for us is to complete the interior with floor tiles, and church pews.  We are aiming for it all to be done by February 2015. 

We are so grateful to God for the many blessings that we have received and the love and support from many friends in the USA.  Thank you and know that we always remember and pray for our sister parish - St Gabriel, Milford, CT.

I'm pleased to be hand over the pastoral reins to Fr. Constantine Changwe, CSC who will oversee the parish and minister here with a wonderful staff of Holy Priests and Brothers.
Fr. Prosper Tesha, CSC appointed pastor in 2012 who was responsible for the construction of the new church.  
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