Fr. Maurice Maroney established a Mission Board in February 2008 to carry on the commitment between St. Brendan Parish, Kitete, Tanzania as St. Gabriel's "Sister Parish."  

Brief History

This faith-based relationship dates from February 2000 when Br. Larry Lussier, CSC pastoral associate at St. Gabriel proposed the "sister parish relationship" between the pastors and pastoral councils of both parishes.  After consultation in both parishes, pastors and pastoral councils signed documents officially beginning the "Sister Parish" relationship.  

Since 2000 the relationship has grown with communications through e-mails and a web site as well as visit from pastors of St. Brendan and visits by parishioners of St. Gabriel . Over the years, St Gabriel parishioners extended their hands and hearts in solidarity with St. Brendan through prayer support and financial assistance.

Fr. Comfort Agele, CSC pastor of St Brendan and Fr. Maurice Maroney, pastor of St. Gabriel continue to build bridges between the parishes.  The level of understanding, friendship, sharing and mutuality between the parishes is a value that both pastors are committed to growing. 

After eight years  of coordinating the mission effort, Br. Larry Lussier, CSC suggested to Fr. Maroney that a Mission Board be created to advise and take over the responsibilities of fostering the sister parish relationship. Fr. Maroney appointed Jane Holler and Dan Marecki as co-chairs to lead that effort.  

Members of the Board 2008

Maureen Gorman, Suzette Hallstrom, Jane Holler, Dan Marecki, John and Rose Marie Marmolejo, Patricia Pritchard, Jonlynn Vancho and Richard Wheeling.  

Meeting Nov 29, 2009

Place: 1 Norwood Ave (Home of Jane Holler and Dan      Marecki, co-chairs)
Time:   6 PM
Present: Jane Holler, Suzette Hallstrom, Dan Marecki,           John and Rose Marie Marmolejo, Pat Pritchard,     Richard Wheeling.
Excused absences: Maureen Gorman, Jonlynn Vancho

     1. Jane and Dan,co-chairs of the Mission Board opened the meeting with prayer and a brief reflection written by Fr. Comfort Agele, CSC, St. Brendan's pastor.
        Then sandwiches, salads and drinks were served and eaten in the living room while all were treated to the photos and videos taken by Dan and Jane during their October visit to St. Brendan, Kitete, Tanzania.  All were pleasantly surprised by a visit from a neighbor, born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania who was invited to view the photos along with the group.

    2.  Discussion was held on the 2009-2010 priorities of St. Brendan from a direct conversation with the parish staff.  Notes were read; questions and comments made on each priority.  
    3.  The group decided to assist St. Brendan by choosing the priority of Lostete Medical Facility and its needs.  Since inquiries have come in regarding making donations to St. Brendan for Christmas, it was decided that a flyer would be developed and included in the parish bulletin the week December 7 with a simple reference to envelopes available in the foyer of the church.  Envelopes could be mailed or dropped in the collection basket.
Pat Pritchard would consult with Fr. Maroney.
   4. The main fundraising would take place for the Lostete Medical Facility beginning the weekend of Valentine - February 13-14.  A flyer and poster would be crafted with the Valentine theme of Love envelopes printed.  An opportunity for Jane Holler and Dan Marecki to speak to the parishioners 10 minutes before Mass on the February 6-7 weekend and show a brief video so that parishioners could get the feel of St Brendan, our sister parish.
The presentation would report on the highlights of the previous donations for goats, scholarships for the Audrey Veldman Technical School sponsored by St. Brendan on its campus, scholarships for two catechists, and the portable public address system.
   5.  Jane will contact Fr. David Eliaona, CSC to ask him to send periodic e-mail and  photos to update the parish community via the web site: 
   6.  Pat Pritchard volunteered to write the weekly intercessions for St. Brendan.
   7.  John Marmolejo volunteered to put together the 5 minute video for the February presentation.  

Photo of Mission Board

Back Row: Rose Marie Marmolejo, Patricia Pritchard, Jane Holler, Suzette Halstrom.
Front Row: Dan Marecki, John Marmolejo, Richard Wheeling.
Mission Board Members Present at November 24, 2009 Meeting
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4th Grade Donation to Kitete

Carol Soulier's students in Grade 4 at St. Gabriel School decided what they could to help out our sister parish, St Brendan's Lostete Dispensary. .  
They raised $140.  This amount will buy medical supplies, etc..  Congratulations!   See letter at the left.


Meeting January 13, 2010

At  the January 13th Mission Board meeting, the Board along with Fr. Maroney set up a Lenten campaign to raise funds for St. Brendan, Kitete, Tanzania.  The focus of the campaign is twofold: one to help maintain Lostete Dispensary with medical supplies, staff and the upgrading of bathroom facilities; the second is for scholarships for needy students at the Audrey Veldman Technical School.

Richard Wheeling has designed the Campaign Poster "Two Hearts United" which will be on display in February on the bulletin board in the foyer of the church.      

John Marmolejo  has put together a brief video on Jane and Dan's trip to St. Brendan in October.  The video will be played in February for the parishioners just before Mass.